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ルナ | nitro > .gg/waya
👋 About me
I'm Luna, born at 17th of April and currently live in Austria near Vienna.. I'm some hobby Software Engineer and LGBTQ+ Activist. I'm a proud Lesbian and currently have a crush haha

I'm female and my pronouns are She/Her , in my free time I love to code Discord bots, websites in general and I'm a single developer.

I currently mainly work at my heart project @Waya - a multi-function bot
with the main weight on Pronouns and Server Moderation.
You can learn more about it at

🪄 Languages
•  JavaScript, Node.JS
•  Next.JS, Express
•  MongoDB

🍧 Contact
You want to collaborate with me or just want to have a nice talk in with my community?
Feel free to join my and shoot a ping at me!
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WayaBOTFounder, Developer
 A simple multi-function bot with Pronouns Select, Starboard and more.
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Discordlist.ggBeta Contributor
 Find the best bots and servers to upgrade your Discord experience.'s icon
 We give you the ability to apply and give your bot a page on our site.'s icon
 The fast, free and easy way to upload and store your files in the cloud.
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